1. How did you get started in app development? What’s your background?
I always enjoyed programming. Mobile development is a new young field with a lot of potential.
I have more than 20 years in IT as consultant, systems analyst, programmer, web developer and trainer.

2. Why did you choose to create the kind of apps you’re creating (health, games, education, etc.)?
I wanted to share some of my security expertise in the form of reference tools to fellow professionals.
Other projects that I published were more for fun and learning how this new platform works…

3. What are some of the obstacles you face as a developer that you wish you could change? Are there resources you would recommend?
The lack of standard platforms and inconsistent training is really a serious problem.
The fast paced of multiple tools and libraries mushrooming for HTML5 is incredible!
Most books and courses teach you the platform and framework but they spend little time explaining how to design a good application.
That’s why you end up with over 100 apps that are just a flashlight or make a cat meow…
There are resources in the works like [we sponsored this KickStarter project] and the respected http://megamindtraining.com/

4. Some of the latest technology is exhibited at CES. What would you like to see as the best new technology at CES 2022?
Newer forms of input. Bluetooth pencils, better voice recognition… Graphic development libraries!

5. What do you, or app developers generally, need most in order to have continued success?
A friendly market deployment ecosystem, easier ways to get promotion or funding for apps.
Only 10% of independent programmers really make money, the rest are major developers.