With full manual controls and dual front-facing camera, you can really express your creativity with the V10.

They say the best camera is the one you have on you, and if you have the LG V10, you have the most powerful camera phone in your pocket. I’m bummed I haven’t yet reviewed the LG V10 since its debut in early October, but while I may not have time for a full, benchmark-laden rundown, I did bring it with me on a recent trip to try out all the new camera features.

LG’s V10 is essentially a souped-up version of its exceptional counterpart, the G4. It’s slightly bigger and features a few extras, like a gimmicky second screen and rugged build qualities, but it’s the rear- and front-facing camera capabilities that are particularly impressive. The V10 is yet another reminder of how smartphones have managed to negate the need for a separate point-and-shoot, or even a DSLR in some situations.

The V10 is, by far, the best Android camera phone on the market right now.

If you’re a photography or video enthusiast and you need a smartphone that can keep up with your wiley, life-logging ways, the V10 was made for you. LG packed it with a ton of manual features, and even a few fun photography modes, so that you don’t have to spend time customizing the device to do what you want to do. You’ll still have to invest in editing software to get some of the results you’re looking for, but that’s just a fraction of the work involved in producing pretty pictures. The most important part is that you have a smartphone with capable hardware.

I’m curious, too, if LG’s smartphone releases this year and its inclusion of manual controls will continue to inspire manufacturers to make their flagship devices more photography-centric in the next generation. The Galaxy S6 and One M9 both offer manual controls of sorts, but again, they don’t offer as many options as the V10. It’s possible that this will remain a niche category, since not everyone is into the idea of spending the time to adjust settings before snapping a photo, but it’s also nice to know you don’t have to lug around a giant DSLR and an entire briefcase of lenses to take a neat long exposure shot.

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Google Play Store publishes lists of the best apps and best games of 2015

Google Play Store publishes lists of the best apps and best games of 2015

Even some Google competitors made the list, with Microsoft Word and Amazon’s Twitch among the honorees. Let the year-end roundups begin. Google is fully on board with this phenomenon, back again with the annual list of the best apps and games for the Play Store.The ”Best Apps” list is a mashup of well-known titles and newcomers. Usual suspects like Twitter, SwiftKey, Instacart, and Trulia are included along with Robinhood, a free stock-trading app that quickly became popular. But Google also sought out to show some love to indie apps like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher 3, and My Very Hungry Caterpillar.And even though Google offers Google Docs, credit went to Microsoft Word and Office Lens. Twitch was another honoree, which competes with Google’s new YouTube Gaming.

Image 1

On the games front Google lauded a mixture of titles, with the popular Alphabear, Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft, and Fallout Shelter joining newcomer titles like Prune and Crossy Road.

This year’s Play Store awards also calls attention to the larger amount of entertainment content available, with collections of the top-selling musicmovies, books, and TV shows.

Along with highlighting the top sellers, Google called out its favorite selections from the Google Play Newsstand and Play Books offerings.

We don’t know how these lists were generated, exactly, but it appears to be a programmatic approach based on the apps rating and downloads, rather than human-curated. Supposedly, the lists offer a few different options based on the region you’re accessing it from, too.

The impact on you: This list is a good way to discover a new game to play over the weekend or find a neat app that you might have otherwise missed. Even with all of Google’s efforts to increase app discovery, it can still be a challenge to find the good stuff that’s hidden amongst all the clutter.

Source: http://www.greenbot.com/article/3012084/android/google-play-store-publishes-lists-of-the-best-apps-and-best-games-of-2015.html

Google Turns Image Search Into Pinterest With New “Collections” Feature

Google Turns Image Search Into Pinterest With New “Collections” Feature

Google Turns Image Search Into Pinterest With New “Collections” Feature

Kozzi-businesswoman-with-electronic-pad-441 X 294Watch out, Pinterest, you’ve got new competition. Google has now rolled out a new feature on its search engine that offers users an easy way to save to save images they find to collections they can reference at a later time. The search giant suggests you could use the feature for saving things like hairstyle examples to show your stylist, or snowman ideas to have some winter fun. Yep – the same sort of “inspirational” content that Pinterest users often collect and pin their many boards on the service.

In Google’s case, however, the new feature is only being made available to mobile users for the time being, and is only rolling out to those in the U.S. The feature will work across all major browsers on both iOS and Android, the company says.

In order to save images, you’ll also have to be logged into your Google Account. That makes sense not only as a way to pull up your saved items from multiple devices, but also because “collections” are one of the new focus areas within Google’s revamped social efforts on Google+.

Instead of trying and failing to take on Facebook, the updated Google+ is now more interested in helping users create and participate in online communities or share groupings containing images, links and more with their circle of friends or the wider public. In other words, Google+ is now aiming to compete with social services like Reddit, perhaps, or Pinterest.

Getting users to build out personal image collections by way of Google Search is actually a fairly clever trick, then. It could kick off users’ participation in the Google+ collections feature in the future, as it presents a practical use case for building an online image collection via Google in the first place.

To be clear, Image Search collections aren’t currently tied to those collections you make on Google+, but an integration looks like a possibility further down the road.

The new image search feature itself is fairly easy to use, if you have it available. But we did encounter a few bugs, which indicate that it’s still something of a test.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/01/google-turns-image-search-into-pinterest-with-new-collections-feature

Apple iOS 9.0.2 Has Three New Nasty Surprises

Apple iOS 9.0.2 Has Three New Nasty Surprises

It’s time to call it: iOS 9 has had a rough start. Despite its impressive new features, the platform has needed two dedicated bug patches in as many weeks. But not only have these patches failed to fix all the problems, it turns out they are introducing a whole host of new surprises along the way…

Problem #1: Broken Notifications

Yes, this is a doozy. Multiple sources are reporting iPhones, iPads and even iPod touches are giving no audible or vibration alerts for new notifications. This is across both default Apple apps and third party apps. Called out examples include Mail, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook FB +1.08%, and even reminders…

Problem #2: Hanging Email

While those not getting email notifications are frustrated, they are lucky compared to the 27,000 strong Apple Support Communities thread which says they are not receiving their emails at all.

Affected users can see new emails have arrived but when they try to open them nothing happens and they get a pop-up saying “message not yet downloaded from server”. Contacting me directly one of the affected users pointed out the bug even impacts deleted emails in both the sent and trash folders…

Problem #3: iMessage Failures

Finally this Reddit thread piles on the misery of iPhone owners with numerous users reporting iMessage on iOS 9.0.2 don’t work. Instead an iMessage eventually times out and is sent as a text message instead. Customers across Sprint, Verizon, AT&TT +0.00%, T-Mobile even Telus in Canada are all reporting the issue with claims Apple and T-Mobile are now admitting the problem exists…


Source: www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/10/09/apple-ios-9-0-2-three-more-problems/

iOS 9 Review

iOS 9 Review

iOS 9 Review: A Powerful iPad Experience And Many Refinements Make iOS Flow Better

Apple has been releasing major iOS updates every year for the past eight years, and it doesn’t look like the company is going to slow down any time soon. iOS 9 once again brings many improvements, both small and large, including many subtle refinements that make your iPhone and iPad feel better and get things done faster. I’ve been playing with the update for more than a month now; here’s what you should be looking for.

Proactive Assistance

Better Spotlight

iPad Multitasking

Content Blockers

News [new app!]



Apple Pay

Performance Optimization



Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/09/16/ios-9-review/