There’s still some potentially massive deals to come in 2017 that may not have even been imaginable in 2016.Call it the Trump bump for tech M&A.

Now President-elect Donald Trump is signaling with his transition appointments and general pro-business stance that a lot more combinations may be acceptable.

Further fueling merger mania, Trump is also widely expected to work with the Republican majority in Congress to slash the tax on corporate overseas profits. Companies like Apple (AAPL, +0.20%) and Microsoft (MSFT, +1.04%) have accumulated hundreds of billions of dollars in overseas profits that can’t be brought back to the United States without a 35% tax. Trump could slash the rate to 10%, providing the biggest tech companies with a lot of dough to make deals.

The most talked-about potential 2017 deal revolves around T-Mobile, the third-largest wireless carrier and the company that has added more subscribers over the past few years than the rest of the industry combined. Not only could Sprint (S, -1.11%) dream of buying T-Mobile (TMUS, -0.75%) under Trump, but big cable companies like Comcast (CMCSA, +1.32%) or Charter Communications (CHTR, +0.75%), which plan to enter the wireless market next year, may also be bidders. If the bidders want to go after a smaller target U.S. Cellular (USM, -0.91%) could be in play, as well.

In the era of Trump, it seems many more deals are within the realm of possibility—even ones the President-elect himself has once opposed.