Mobile Marketing

Marketing to the ever growing mobile audience is vital and a very exciting new way to contact potential customers.

Benefits / Types / Tips / Common Mistakes

Mobile marketing offers advantages over older more well know types of marketing.  With mobile marketing the company can engage the customer, individualize the marketing campaign and with the interactivity possible with mobile devices; customize the marketing based on the choices made by the mobile consumer.

Even more exciting is that with mobile marketing reaches individuals.  People are in constant contact with the marketer as their devices go with the customer wherever they go.  It is possible to imagine customizing the advertising based on the consumers current location!

When there is a response from a potential customer; the data that can be gathered about that customer can be extremely valuable in understanding; success in various geographic locations; which devices are most often used; which particular campaigns worked and which led to sales.

There are a variety of methods to reach the mobile consumer: SMS, MMS, Voice marketing, Banner Ads and QR codes, proximity based and pay per call advertising , all  give the marketer a wide range of options.  Some customers want to receive the offers in different ways.  By offering a flexible and varied marketing campaign, the marketer can increase the changes that the consumer will receive the ad and the potential for response increases.

Any marketing strategy whether mobile or other, has to start with defining the goals of the campaign.

  • Who are we trying to reach?
  • What are we trying to say?
  • How will we know we are successful?

In mobility, this becomes both easier and more complex.  Because the customer can be contacted in a large variety of ways, ‘How’ we get to the customer offers great advantages in a mobile campaign. On the other hand, because we are dealing with relatively new technology and many of the consumers are still new to the mobile world, it ‘s vital that the campaign be easy for the client to access and easy to respond.

Mobile is not the Web.  It has it’s own pitfall and requirements in order to be successful.  Mobile advertising is part of a successful campaign; not the end all answer.  It’s critical to focus on the intended audience, make sure you are engaging with the audience – i.e. not passive marketing and that the customer knows you are respecting their rights to privacy and security.