Following after the successful presentations given at MoDev in December 2012,we will be presenting and intensive 3 day Android programming course Early April 2013.

Here is the registration link and here are the links to the previous presentations… We hope to see many of you there!

Powered By Android



The Google Android operating system is one of the the most popular mobile platforms available today. Android powers millions of devices world-wide, and is used in cellular phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras, and even televisions.

Learn to develop applications that run on Android OS, and make them available to the world using the Google Play store! This is a hands-on course where students build many examples demonstrating the topics being covered. Learn to:

Deliver professional, robust mobile business applications and integrate with enterprise systems.
Create intuitive, reliable software using activities, services and intents.
Writing applications for Android is easier than for other mobile operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS, or Microsoft’s Windows iPhone platform. This is a hands-on training course designed to provide you with the essential skills needed to begin developing applications using the Android mobile platform.

Eclipse and Android SDKs are used as the development environment throughout the class. While most labs and examples focus on the latest Android 4.2 version (API level 17,) most of them can be made compatible for older Android 2.2 versions (API level 8.) Class is designed for Java programmers who are new to Android development and need to create professional mobile applications.

Day 1: Introduction to Android Programming

  • Android Architecture
  • Android User Interface
  • Steps in Android Development
  • Android Programming Environment
  • Development Environment and tools
  • Multi-View Applications
  • Add buttons to invoke the browser from an Activity
  • Create activities and Widgets
  • Menus and dialogs
  • UI Event Handling

Day 2: Intermediate Android Programming

  • Multi-Media Applications
  • Camera, Music, Action!
  • Local and remote services
  • Java sockets and XML
  • Add a broadcast receiver
  • Local and remote services
  • Alarm from Notification Manager
  • Telephony
  • SMS Messaging
  • SQLite DB
  • Security and Permissions
  • Networking

Day 3 Advanced Techniques, Publishing and Promoting

  • Using Device Features and Sensors
  • GPS, Geolocation and Maps
  • Device Rotation
  • Accelerometers
  • Touch Gestures
  • Going Offline
  • Publishing your App
  • Android Markets 
  • Revenue Options
  • Preparing your apps for the Android marketplace
  • Uploading your application
  • Promoting your app!


In order to write applications for Android, you do not need to have an Android device. Development can be done without additional investment on software or additional hardware. Only if you need to upload your app to the Google marketplace you will need to register as a developer and pay $25.

All you really need is a computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, or Linux. To check if your system is compatible, select system requirements from If you have Eclipse pre-installed follow the instructions on the same page for “USE AN EXISTING IDE.”

If you happen to already own an Android phone or tablet, you can use it to test the applications you write in this course, but this is not required